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Travels of the Creation collection

Travels of the Creation

This collection is about breaking out of the cage that society puts on everyone, and discovering that you are you’re own person. It’s okay to not see things the way everyone else does, and it’s okay to be yourself whether that’s “against society” or not. It’s about learning that you are still allowed to have your imagination and creativity even when you’re adult. It’s about learning to look up and take in the beauty the world has to offer, and it’s okay to be a dreamer. This is what life is about, its about falling in love with actually living and having the joy of being alive. I hope this collection can help bring imagination and color to your life as it has done for me. - Kenzie Miller


A Dreamers Reality

When you think of reality, you think of the overwhelming responsibilities of the adult life, huh? Most people have gotten used to taking advantage of the beautiful sunsets, the majestic mountains, and the vastness of the ocean. They don’t care to look up at the stars at night because they’re all the same. Though one night if you care to admire them, you might just see a shooting star, and you’d be able to make a wish. Reality is whatever you make it out to be. There are so many places that have yet to be discovered by YOU! Sure, they’ve been discovered by others and there’s more than likely pictures of that desired place on the internet, but experiencing it for yourself will create memories. Those memories and stories that you create through the joy of living, you’ll be able to tell your children, and many of the coming generations in your family.
-Kenzie Miller

Look Up

These are the moments I live for, where you stop for a moment and look up. You admire the warm summer nights, the slight breeze, and the beautiful sunsets that the Universe created, no amount of money in the world could buy this much beauty. Moments like these are what makes me happy to be alive, sometimes even make me wanna cry.
All the time I see people just doing their thing, on their phones, playing games, just constantly looking down. It makes me sad that they don’t even see what’s going on in the world around them, they don’t care to look up, they’re too consumed with either themselves or the situation their in whatever that may be.
While you go about your day doing your routine, or whatever it is you have planned, all I ask is that you look up every once in a while, because when your time is running short you’re going to wish that you hadn’t taken those moments for granted.
-Kenzie Miller


The Great Escape

Sometimes when life brings us down, and we hit rock bottom, our only escape is dreaming. We are able to finally be in a world where we don’t have to conform, and where mythical beasts do exist. We are able to live out our life’s goals, be whoever we want to be; whether that’s a spy, cop, pilot, astronaut, anything! While you’re dreaming you don’t have to worry about anything, and all seems right with the world even if it’s just for a moment. Sometimes you’re even able to see a loved one that’s passed within a dream, and the memories that you look back on will be refreshed.
-Kenzie Miller


Just Like That

Just like that, your imagination can be wiped clean by society. People are so worried about what society thinks, and hoping they are accepted that they forget that they are their own person with a mind of their own. They think that by being an adult they are not allowed to dream anymore, and they have to face the reality of the world. But the ones who keep dreaming, no matter what life throws at them, they’re the ones who invent new things to try and make the world a better place.
-Kenzie Miller



Everyone needs a place of solitude to escape to in order to regain peace of mind, and feel disconnected from their worries. This place of solitude is different for everyone, they decide where this place is depending on what their idea of peace is. It could be outside in a peaceful meadow where the grass blows perfectly in the spring breeze as the flowers bloom. Or it could be a little cafe where you sit by the window, watching the rain fall as you sip your coffee. Some have their very own place that they can escape to within their mind. It’s a place of wonder, and imagination. They can bring anything into this world, and can take anything out. Sometimes life can be too much to handle which can make us feel overwhelmed. Something we need to try and remember is that if we can’t do anything about it right then, then you shouldn’t waste your time worrying about it. There’s no need to throw away your peace for something you can’t fix.
-Kenzie Miller


Serendipity; Luck or fate that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for...
In your planned day‑to‑day life, plan some time for the unimaginable, whether that be experiences, the people you meet, adventures, forks in the road. In my experience, everything happens for a reason. It may not seem great while it’s happening but when you look back on whatever you went through, it usually was for the best.
‑Kenzie Miller


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