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Wildlife Conservation

The Earth, its wild places, and its wildlife are at risk. Due to deforestation, poaching, fur farming, etc., and its the very same environments that we as a species (as well as all species) depend on in order to survive. If the environment dies, so do we. I believe that we need to find more sustainable ways to live in order to start reversing the negative effect we've had on our planet over the past couple hundred years.

 So, to help the wildlife and their habitats, 10% of the proceeds from any prints or products bought will go to the respective conservation programs. Some of them have multiple to donate to, so if there is a specific one you’d like the money to go to, DM or email me.

Print of Wanderlust hanging in living room

Wildlife Support Shop

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How You Can Help

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Wildlife News

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About the Conservation Groups

"A Life on Our Planet" by David Attenborough


World Population

Carbon in Atmosphere

Remaining Wilderness


2.3 Billion 

280 Parts per Million



7.8 Billion

415 Parts per Billion


"For some time, climate scientists had warned that the planet would get warmer as we burned fossil fuels and released carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. A marked change in atmospheric carbon has always been incompatible with a stable earth. It was a feature of all five mass extinctions. In previous events, it had taken volcanic activity up to one million years to dredge up enough carbon from within the earth to trigger a catastrophe. By burning millions of years’ worth of living organisms all at once as coal and oil, we had managed to do so in less than 200." - David Attenborough on 'A Life on Our Planet'

Read About the Current Finished Collections

Browse below, and read about the different collections Kenzie has done, and what inspired her to do them, her thoughts on them, etc.

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