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About the Conservation Groups

Image by joey Zhou

Cheetah Conservation Fund

The population of the Cheetah pre 1900s was around 100,000. Today their population is just under 8,000, and their habitat has decreased significantly. CCF's mission is to create a world in which Cheetahs can live and flourish in co-existence with humans in a sustainable ecosystem where the environment is protected. 

Cheetah Conservatin Fund
Image by Andrew Rice


Panthera is focused on saving and protecting the worlds' 40 wild cat species. They use the expertise and insight from premier cat biologists to help develop and implement global strategies for the seven species of big cats: cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, lions, pumas (also known as mountain lions or cougars), snow leopards and tigers. Panthera also helps protect the world's most threatened species of small cats through their Small Cats Program. 

Image by Bob Brewer
Image by Justin Clark

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance consists of an alliance between farmers, forest communities, companies, and consumers that are all committed to the common goal of nature and people thrive harmoniously. Taking our current environmental and social issues, their diverse team is changing the world from the root up.

Barn Owl Trust

The Barn Owl Trust does everything from educating people on Barn Owls, rehabilitating and releasing injured owls, to working closely with open minded farmers and landowners. They make and put-up nest boxes for owls, and they take on innovative research to help better their habitat. They work with farmers and landowners so they can put nest boxes on their land, for new generations as well as releasing rehabilitated owls onto their land.

Image by Michael Campos
Image by Milo Weiler

Wolf Conservation


The Wolf Conservation Center is participating in the federal recovery of two critically endangered wolf species which are the Mexican Gray Wolf and the Red Wolf. They also help protect other wolf species as well. The WCC also teaches the importance of the wolf's role in the environment with keeping the ecosystem balanced.

Image by Andrew Ly

Fox Protection


Fox Protection International provides info on every Fox species there is helping to bring awareness and understanding about the species and their habitats. They provide information on the threats that foxes face globally such as habitat destruction, conflict with humans, fur farming, and poaching.

red fox and pup
Image by Bryan Walker
Image by Nikolay Tchaouchev
Image by Caleb Woods

The Canid Project

The Canid Project is the only species-specific rehabilitation program in Louisiana for Red and Gray Foxes, and Coyotes. They provide info on humane and ethical deterrence methods as well as retrieving injured foxes and coyotes. They also have an ongoing project titled the “Red Wolf Project” hoping to provide information on the species to separate fact and myth. Currently the Red Wolf is the most endangered canid in the world.

Image by Joel Holland
Image by Juan Camilo Guarin P




WCS’s goal is to conserve the worlds largest wild places in 14 regions. These 14 regions make up more than 50% of the worlds’ biodiversity.

Image by Ádám Berkecz
Image by Maurits Bausenhart
Grey Hawk

HawkWatch International

They work to conserve the environment and conserve species of raptors all over the world through long term monitoring, evidence based solutions, partnerships with government agencies, and investing in the world raptor conservation efforts.

Image by Susanne Alexander
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