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Framed print of bengal tiger
Original of Wildfire sitting on easel
Nubian Ibex
Print of Wolf Totem
Egyptian Vulture


Welcome to Foxtrot Artistry! Kenzie donates 10% of all sales towards conserving wildlife and their environments. With her artwork, she hopes to help advocate for wildlife around the world and the conservation groups that work day in and day out to help protect them. Together we can make this world a better place where we can all coexist with nature. Browse through her works depicting wildlife, and the beautiful landscapes they call home. 

Read more about her story here!

New Arrivals

Image by Matthew Bradford


Total Amount Raised for Wildlife Conservations

Through Selling Artwork & Partnering with Conservation Groups.

Total is Updated After Every Sale.

Palm Trees

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Green and Purple Succulents

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Pleiadian Altar

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