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You've decided to make the jump!! I'm so beyond happy that my art spoke to you enough to have it on you permanetely! 


With the purchase of this ticket, you'll recieve a printed certificate in the mail with your name and the artwork on it, saying that I grant you and the tattoo artist permission to use my artwork! Adjustments can be made to make sure it looks good <3


Describe which artwork you'd like it to be in the field below! You can also post a link to it from my instagram or website if thats easier! But, artwork that has been done as a commission or gift does not count towards this.


If you share the tattoo on instagram or facebook feel free to tag me at @foxtrotartistry!! I'd absolutely love to see it!!


Make sure you have your artist in mind and that they agree to do the artwork! If you buy this first without having a tattoo artist to do it, and they're unable to, you cannot have this refunded.


Tattoo Ticket

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