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Tattoo Ticket

Granted Permission for 1 Personal Tattoo | If you'd like more than 1, you need a ticket for each piece of artwork

Thank you so very much for wanting to have my artwork tattooed on you! That is such an honor. Your support helps me to continue making art that helps wildlife and their habitats.

Here are some things to consider before you make the jump!!

- My artwork wasn't initially made to be a tattoo design, it was made to just be a work of art. A piece that I hoped would peak to people in some way, and help wildlife. So know that it's not specifically a "tattoo design" you're purchasing, nor a commission for a personalized tattoo design. It's my permission to get an art piece that I've done tattooed on you.

- With that being said, before you purchase the ticket make sure the art that you'd like to have tattooed is tattooable! Usually when designs are made, they're made with the body and aging in mind. And some pieces of mine may not be able to be tattooed, or may not look good as a tattoo. So check around with your local tattoo shops and artists to make sure what you want is possible!

- This ticket does not allow you to redistribute/resell the artwork in any way/shape/form.

If you've read and accept the terms above, click the button below!!

-Note: 50% of proceeds from tattoo tickets will be donated to wildlife conservation groups!

Drawings that Might be Good as a Tattoo

8x5cm Clear Sticker - Caracal.png
E0770256-59E4-4923-95DA-BDD81DD43947 (1)
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