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How You Can Help

Read below to find out how you can help out animals and the environment they live in! The listed options are the most popular options found in a lot of groups and organizations but they’re not the only options!

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Donations/Care Gift Cards

Every conservation group you see or find is open for donations whether that’s through a one time donation, a monthly donation, or a yearly donation. You’re able to choose which one you would like to do and how much you’d like to donate. Some groups also have Care Gifts which is a preselected amount and it says what that donation will go towards. There are tiers so certain things cost a certain amount.

Symbolically Adopt/Sponsor an Animal

Some conservation groups have a program where you can symbolically adopt/sponsor an animal. Some have tiers to how much you can donate and the higher the tier, the more gifts you get featuring your selected animal. Gifts you can get include a certificate of adoption, a stuffed animal, and info on the animal. Higher tiers can include hats, t-shirts, etc.
Here are the following conservation groups that have this option:
- Wolf Conservation Center
- Wildlife Conservation Society
- World Wildlife Fund
- Cheetah Conservation Fund


Wishlists are also popular among conservation groups. They’re an option you can choose where you can go on their desired site like Amazon and you can see the items that they’re in need of. Which you can then buy it for them and they’ll get it in the mail. These items include but aren’t limited to food for the animals, care items, and different things they need to help their conservation group keep running. Here are the following conservation groups that have this option:
- Barn Owl Trust
- Cheetah Conservation Fund
- Wolf Conservation Center
- The Canid Project

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