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Beauties of the Eventide

This collection is dedicated to the small moments in life, because in the end those moments are the only thing we’ll have left. It’s about not taking them for granted and being thankful for every little moment that you’re able to share with someone. Every sunset is an absolute work of art in their own way. They don’t just mark the end of the day, they also mark the fact that you made it through whatever challenge you had to face that day.

They also show how the sun and moon share their gifts with us at the same time. How the sun has that warming hue that welcomes the shades of purple to the mountaintops. How the sun flows through the clouds carefully painting them with its rays. Carefully adding hints of light as if the sun is kissing the clouds to sleep, slowly watching as the moon puts the blanket of the night sky over them. Now, you can’t tell me that’s not magic.
-Kenzie Miller

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