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Shoe Craft

Our Upcoming Shoe Line

Recently, Kenzie sent in an application to AliveShoes to become a designer and launch my own shoe line! It was accepted so now she is in the process of coming up with potential designs, and narrow it down so she can launch her first one! 

"I decided to apply for this opportunity because I feel it is important to promote sustainable and eco friendly practices in our daily life in order to not only save the future for wildlife and their habitats, but our future as well. With this project I want to focus on how things can be both fashionable and have a cause behind them that helps the greater good."

Throughout the process, she will be updating this page so you can check in and see what stage she's at.



Application & Acceptance

AliveShoes accepted my application! 



My designs will be on all eco friendly and sustainable material. If anyone has sneaker styles they'd like to see, feel free to contact me! I will be taking in as many suggestions as I can from my supporters, as this line is for you and everyone!

Design Sketch Desktop


Design Acceptance


Pre-sales Begin

In order for the shoes to go into production, seven (7) pre-orders are needed! Will you be the first to acquire them?

Orange Shoelaces
Shoe Craft


Production Begins

After the 7 pre-orders are met, shoes will then go into production!! Each shoe is handmade in Italy with eco bio-vegan leather, and the sole is made from recyclable TR.


Shoes Get Shipped Out!

Shoes will then leave Italy, and make their way right to your doorstep!!

Boxes on Conveyor Belt
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