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Choose between two different size prints, and bring Wildfire home!

“Wildfire was such a sweet girl, and always took care of her rider no matter who it was. She was the first horse I ever rode bareback, and at first I was a little nervous but mostly excited. And I could sense that there was that feeling of “it’s okay I gotchu”, and I was totally comfortable. That trust in her, and how fun that ride was, is what made me want to join Liberty. That soon became my favorite team, and it felt like I was flying. I only was able to ride her about 5 times throughout my Westernaires career but she held a very special place in my heart, and still does. I know there are many more hearts she’s touched along with mine, and I hope there are many green pastures for her wherever she’s at 🥹❤️”

-Kenzie Miller

If you have a story that you want shared here as well, feel free to contact me!

Wildfire Print

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