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Join Foxtrot Artistry's mission in saving wildlife and wild places through artwork.

Stickers printed with eco friendly ink!

Every art print helps reforestation around the globe!

Thank you so much for wanting to have my artwork in your store. Knowing that people love my work enough to help expose it to more people absolutely fills my heart. In doing so, you're not only helping support wildlife conservations, but also my long term goals as an artist.

What Comes with Wholesale?

Partner with Foxtrot Artistry and sell stickers & art prints in your store

Know that you're helping wildlife and their habitats around the globe

We require a $50 minimum opening order for prints, and/or a $75 minimum opening order for stickers

Fill out the form below to gain access!

What would you like to sell?

Thank you for registering! We'll be in touch soon!

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