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Tropical Leaves

Echoes of the Amazon

"This collection showcases all of the hidden echoes that call the Amazon their home, even if just for a moment. The Jaguars prowling on the rainforest floor, and climbing up to their branched & leafy throne. The Flamingos wading through the rivers and ponds as they preen their feathers in the serene silence. The Kingfishers patiently waiting on nearby branches, and calculating their next dive. Orcas seen along the coast year round, breaching, and spy hopping. Dolphins jumping around in and out of the ocean with their pods, as they sing out their tune for the love of life. Jaguarundis jumping from branch to branch in search of their next adventure. Most of the time, these things happen in the shadows of the Amazon, away from civilization. My hope is that it stays this way, where the animals can live the entirety of their lives in peace, only coming out into view to people who truly appreciate their beauty." -Kenzie Miller

What Could've Been

"What Could've Been"

jaguar by kenzie miller


green kingfisher by kenzie miller

"Nimble Ambition"

flamingo by kenzie miller

"Isolated Euphoria"

jaguarundi by kenzie miller

"Timid Escapades"

The Promise

"The Promise"

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